A delightful and empowering experience.


The Ultimate Guide to Calming the EFF Down is a unique self-guided online mini course designed to help you tap into your natural abilities to create more feelings of ease, calm and comfort in your life.


"What I found most rewarding about this course was the focus on avoiding self-judgement. Through this course, you get to experience what it feels like to have your closest friend and biggest cheerleader right at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere."


Dr. Royette Tavernier
​​​​​​​Assistant Professor of Psychology at Wesleyan University





This course is self-guided so that you can explore the concepts at your own pace in whatever way feels best for you.



You have lifetime access to the course so you can take as much time as you need to look over the materials as often as you like.



This course uses an integrative approach that is designed to fit into your life effortlessly and enhance things you're ALREADY doing, rather than add to your to do list.  Works beautifully on all mobile devices - this course is created to help you reduce your stress, not add to it.

Anyone who tells you that the path to inner peace is hard or challenging - hasn't found it yet.





  • Online course with secure login and password. 

  • Six modules delivered in written format.

  • Modules are divided into two parts. Part I includes a mindset shift and practical suggestions on how to integrate it into your daily life. Part II is optional and explores the mindset shift from Part I in more depth.

  • Small and flexible time commitment. The content is designed to build on things you're already doing. If you have time to scroll through social media, you have time to scroll through this beautiful course.

  • More than a course, this guide is an experience.

A few things this course is NOT...

  • BREATHING EXERCISES. ​​​​​​​Been there, done that. There are other ways. This guide focuses on alternative paths to power, calm and ease.
  • EASTERN MEDITATION TECHNIQUES. Sometimes well-meaning ideas get lost in translation. This guide focuses on creating calm within a Western lifestyle and culture.
  • FULL OF PRACTICES YOU HAVE TO MAKE TIME FOR AND DISCIPLINE YOURSELF TO KEEP. Sometimes it's about wanting to FEEL. BETTER. NOW. It can be hard to feel better when self care itself can feel like a chore or obligation. This guide helps you shift your mindset in immediate ways to show you that self love and self care are a natural part of who you are, rather than a specific set of actions to take.


​​​​​This mini course has 3 main modules + introduction, bonus and conclusion modules, for a total of 6 modules.

Opens with unique suggestions on how to use this course.

Part One: Sparkles + Confetti
Understand a simple and delightful way to shift anxious feelings.

Part Two: Listen to Your Heart
Know what it means to listen to your heart in a concrete and practical way. This is an extremely basic concept that can create instant calm and comfort.

Part Three: Zoning Out
Discover how to harness common ways you're ALREADY tuning into deep (like, zen-master level DEEP) meditative states and don't even know it.

Learn a really cool "cheat" to decrease time spent meditating, but still gain all the benefits.

A quick wrap up and an opportunity to grow more feelings of ease, calm and comfort.



Payment is on a sliding scale so that you can select a price point that feels most empowering for you.






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"The idea of learning useful life lessons in a compact and easy-to-read guide seemed too good to be true. However, any reservations I had were blown out of the water. In fact, I read it all in one sitting because I moved into a focused, meditative state while doing it. Just from reading through the guide I was able to achieve a state of calm. It seems that with most practical guides, a bit of time commitment is required to practise new lessons. With CTFD I practised the lessons as they were taught to me, resulting in very little time commitment for a wonderful return!"


Annie Lukacsovics
Public Health Professional